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Hartlove's Auto is the only ASE Blue Seal of Excellence member in the Pasadena area.

The ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) has been a symbol of higher quality auto and truck repair since 1972.

Automotive repair performed by an ASE certified technician means you are getting service from a skilled individual who has passed rigoruos testing by the most recognized name in the auto service industry.  Since the ASE certification is renewed every five years, technicians not only need to know existing technology, diagnoses, and repair methods, but also keep on top of new and emerging methods to retain their certification standing with ASE. 

Repair shops now have a convenient way to let their patrons know they are dealing with a business that knows the value of that testing.  When you see the ASE Blue Seal Excellence sign, you know you are getting quality repairs done by qualified technicians.

ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Program (Please click link to visit the ASE website)